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7 Benefits to online personal training

Many people are skeptical about online personal training, they wonder if it’s for them and whether they could actually get a result from it. This is a fair concern, and although I don’t think online training is for everyone. I do believe more people could benefit from it if they just understood it a little more. So, I put together a list of 7 benefits you could experience when training online.

1. Online training gives you more flexibility

If you struggle with time management and can’t commit to appointments, then face to face personal training isn’t going to work for you. You will be cancelling appointments, turning up late and fighting to fit into the trainer’s diary. With online personal training you will be able to fit your gym workouts around you and your schedule. Sure, there is going to be weeks you just manage 1 or 2 workouts, but other weeks you may have more time and do 3-4 workouts.

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2. Train where you want

Training at home is not for everyone, but neither is the gym. There are people who might be reading this that don’t have the confidence to step foot into a gym just yet. So, training in the comfort of your own home will be a perfect starting point. Here’s what a home workout looks like with me. As you complete each workout you may find your confidence, fitness and strength begin to grow. At that point you may consider joining a gym and continuing your journey, here is my guide to getting started in the gym. There’s also going to be parents with young children who struggle for childcare, although childcare facilities in gyms are possible, it’s rare and often comes with a large additional cost too. So having that flexibility to workout at home can be the only way to make it work for some people.

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3. Train with who you want

When picking a personal trainer its important you feel comfortable with them. I believe that it’s important you find the right trainer for you. That is the reason I offer a 7day money back guarantee with any training product that I offer. (read more in my terms of service). Because let’s face it, I’m not going to be the right trainer for everyone. With online personal training you can select trainers from all over the world, so let’s say you like the style of someone on Instagram then you can pick them to be your fitness coach.

4. You’re not alone

With most online training you have some way to communicate with your coach, this is crucial to your success. You have someone who will listen to you and support you through the programme. Think of it as though someone is cheering your name as you compete in a competition. Better yet some online training programs have large communities filled with people overcoming the same or similar obstacles as you. So you may even have a room filled with people cheering you on.

5. Online training provides lower cost results

Online personal training is usually a more affordable solution to achieving your goals. Whether that is losing a few pounds, putting on a bit of muscle or improving your fitness. So, if you are on a tight budget then online training can be perfect for you. It’s important to remember that the ultimate difference between online and face to face personal training is that the trainer is there with you when you workout. So, yes, they will push you a little more during your workout than you might do alone. They will coach you through each exercise along with presenting you with feedback on your movement.

However, with the use of fitness training apps its now much easier to overcome these barriers and in turn produce a better training experience. Many online trainers will produce video follow along workouts and demonstrations of each exercise. These allow even beginners with limited experience to follow the workout and understand what they need to do. I even allow my online clients to send short video clips of some exercises so that I can coach them on their technique.


6. The difference between knowing and doing

Accountability is one of the most common things that people tell me they need. Think of it this way, it’s common knowledge that to improve your health you should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg per day. Yet you’d be surprised how many people still don’t do it.

People often want to be told what they need to do and have someone to let down if they don’t follow it. You are still held accountable with online personal training, it’s often done through training apps and weekly or monthly check ins. Your coach will check how you are progressing with each element of the program. Yes, you could completely lie to your coach. You could tell them you’ve eaten within your calories and achieved your step count. But at the end of the day you’d only be cheating yourself.

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7. If online training was free, would you commit to it?

Ask yourself this, if you were to join a free programme or challenge, how likely is it that you’d see it through to the end? The problem with free things is that we don’t always value them. It’s free to go for a run or use those outdoor gyms in the park. Yet when was the last time you used them? Possibly never.

The point I’m making is that by paying for something like a membership or program you instantly want to use it more. A payment creates another layer of accountability and so you become more committed to taking part.

I even know of online trainers that charge wealthy CEO’s thousands per month for training because it’s the only way to get them to commit. Otherwise, its money they would quite happily lose should they not want to train. So, if you seek value when making a purchase. Then you’ll make an extra effort to commit to the online personal training and fitting in time to complete the extra tasks like checking in with your coach.

Before you go

I hope you found this article about the benefits of online training useful, and if you are now ready to join an online program then I invite you to check out my online personal training, where I will help you to accelerate your progress in the gym.

Written by – Rob Jackson – Coach and owner of RJ-Fitness
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