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Do you need a gym training program?

Do you need a training program?

Do you really need to follow a gym training program to help build your strength, fitness and overall health?

Well, the short answer is yeah, if you are serious about making any improvements to your strength, fitness and overall health. Then you’d hugely benefit from following a structured program geared towards your desired outcomes.

Gym training program yes or no?

You’re probably thinking that going to the gym itself is already a challenge and surely just turning up is enough, so why should I follow a program?

The thing to understand here is that usually the people who hop from machine to machine with no real plan don’t see any change in their body. Ultimately this only leads you to a place on inconsistent training sessions. In months down the line you’ll just end up cancelling your gym membership.

So, if you’re thinking you don’t need a program then think again. Programs are essentially a plan to follow. A way of identifying progress which boosts overall morale and keeps you wanting to go back for more. Even if you have no specific goal in mind. You can at least track your fitness, strength and health, which is important to ensure you are heading in the right direction.  

Now your plan doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’re just getting started simply committing to two workouts per week and listing the equipment you plan to use. Along with current weight and reps can be enough to get you through the first couple of sessions. However, as a personal trainer myself I do recommend you consider having a few sessions with someone. So that you can have a better understanding of what to do. If you haven’t got the funds for a personal trainer. Then opting for an online coach can be much cheaper and still get you the results you’re looking for. Learn more about my online personal training here.

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Here are 3 further reasons to follow a gym training program

Reduces the overwhelm

When you enter the gym with no plan it creates a huge amount of overwhelm, particularly if you don’t feel comfortable there. This will lead to a quick dive for any piece of equipment that’s available. By having your plan ready you know exactly where to go and what you need. But be flexible because you might have to move one or two exercises around if the equipment is in use.

Structure to your week

By having a set number of workouts to complete each week it can help prevent over training and under training. Now this number can depend on your own circumstances. I recommend for most people to aim for 2-3 workouts per week. It also works well to highlight the days and times you plan to go to the gym in advance, rather than just deciding on the spot.

Nothing gets missed

When training in the gym it’s important to work the entire body in each session or separate it across the week. Therefore, by having a program it reduces the chance of you missing a particular part of the body. With that being said you’re also more likely to do the exercises that you aren’t a fan of but are good for you.

The next step is to find the right program for you. Now there are many different factors to take into consideration. If you would like some help on this, I do offer online personal training where I can build you a programme to follow. You can then start feel the benefits of having a plan in place.

For more tips and content to support you in the gym then head over to my Instagram just here, I post a lot of videos to help accelerate your progress in the gym

Written by – Rob Jackson – Coach and owner of RJ-Fitness
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