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Personal Training Welcome Pack

Welcome To RJ-Fitness Personal Training

If you’ve landed on this page you’re either someone who has joined RJ-Fitness or you’re thinking about joining. Either way feel free to download the personal training welcome pack and get a feel for what’s to come on your journey with me as your coach.

The purpose of the welcome pack is to give you best possible start with me and to ensure you have a resource to refer back to at any point. My promise to you is to provide you with the tools, knowledge and support that allows you to achieve your goals.

To help you understand the journey you are about to go on I like to compare personal training with learning to drive. At the start you may feel lost and lack confidence in your ability, but with support from me as your coach, in time everything will become second nature and you will do it without thinking.

You can download your personal training welcome pack below, take your time to read its contents. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me via Instagram or Facebook.

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