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A Personal Trainer in Macclesfield who aims to take you from a fitness beginner to an advanced gym goer.

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Face to Face Personal Training

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 “The best time to start was last month, the second best time to start is right now”

“Helping both men and women to become more confident with themselves and their own ability”

Results from RJ-Fitness, personal trainer Macclesfield
Results from RJ-Fitness, personal trainer Macclesfield
Results from RJ-Fitness, personal trainer Macclesfield
Results from RJ-Fitness, personal trainer Macclesfield

I solve problems with solutions!

My approach is personal so that means you will get all the help and support to overcome the challenges and barriers you hit.


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve your health. Nutrition plays a vital role so you will get the support you need.


Your training program will be designed with you mind meaning it will put you on track to achieving your goals. It is reviewed regularly to ensure we maximize performance and enjoyment.


The training app and check in calls will enable us to track your completion of tasks and workouts each week. Giving you that extra push to get things done.

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“Getting into an exercise routine was important to me, but also being body-conscious, I don’t like attending busy gyms or even PT centres with multiple clients. RJ FITNESS Macclesfield is true 1-2-1 training, with only Rob and one client in there at any one time. Great diet advice and coaching skills too. Overall, 100% recommended“.


Rob takes the time to understand the needs of the client to make the most out of each session and tailor it to the client. I highly recommend RJ-Fitness. Nice gym, good equipment, great trainer”.


“I have been having one-to-one personal training sessions with Rob for 18 months. I can honestly say I wouldn’t look as in shape and feel as strong physically and mentally as I do now without them. Rob is brilliant at ensuring each session is effective and progressive, as well as enjoyable! He is there to support me 100% when it comes to my training goals, and also provides helpful guidance when it comes to nutrition”.


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